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 Starman Origami Fan Art


1. The Star Ranger

One day soon after the release of The Runaway Asteroid the Starman team received an e-mail from Jim Adams, one of the readers of the Starman series. He told us that he wanted to make an origami model of the Star Ranger, the Starmen's spaceship, and he wanted to know if we had any good pictures of it. We provided him with one and asked for some photos of the model -- and here is what he provided! The model really amazes me: I can't imagine making an origami model at all, much less one of something like David Foster's sleek nuclear-powered interplanetary spaceship. It looks mighty cool!

Here is the Star Ranger, posed for takeoff into deep space!

Here is the Star Ranger, resting on a foreboding planet, waiting to take off.

Here is the underside of the Star Ranger, showing the fine detail of the model.

2. The Starventure

One day soon after the release of Journey to the Tenth Planet,  Jim Adams e-mailed me again and told me he had crafted a model of the Starventure! Below is a picture of two Starventure models he had crafted.


 The model looks pretty cool to me!


3. The Silverfire, Underbird, Iron Maiden, and Molly

One day after the release of Descent Into Europa, a box arrived in the mail from Jim Adams with four new origami models! These are all from Descent Into Europa. The digital camera I have doesn't do the models justice at all: they are beautiful, well-done models. Here are some terrific pictures of them, taken by Jim Adams!


The Underbird

The Silverfire

The Molly

The Iron Maiden

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